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Keynote Address

"Of Angels and Migrants:
The Words and Music of El Otro Mexico"

Josh Kun

Josh Kun presents his keynote address at the Music and the Written Word conference on January 16, 2010.

Josh Kun presented his keynote address at the Music and the Written Word conference
on January 16, 2010 at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Josh Kun, keynote speaker

Josh Kun is Associate Professor in the Annenberg School of Communication and the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC. He is director of The Popular Music Project at USC Annenberg's Norman Lear Center. Prior to joining the USC Annenberg school, Kun was Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Riverside. He holds a PhD in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley and a BA in Literature from Duke University.

Kun is the author of Audiotopia: Music, Race, and America, which won a 2006 American Book Award. He is co-author of And You Shall Know Us By The Trail of Our Vinyl: The Jewish Past As Told By The Records We've Loved and Lost, and wrote the introduction to the re-publication of Papa, Play For Me, the autobiography of musical comedian Mickey Katz.

As a critic and journalist, Kun is a regular contributor to The New York Times and Los Angeles Magazine. From 1998-2006, he wrote "Frequencies," a bi-weekly music column published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Boston Phoenix. His writing has also appeared in LA Weekly, The Believer, Guilt & Pleasure, Village Voice, SPIN, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, and in Mexico's La Jornada and Proceso.

Kun co-founded The Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation, a non-profit record label dedicated to excavating lost treasures of Jewish-American music. In 2008, he received a $10,000 Casden Institute Faculty Research Grant for his proposal to document African-American and Jewish relations in 20th century American life.

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