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  Saturday, January 16
Continental breakfast and coffee
10:00am 20th Century Music Comparative Text Settings
  "Pedagogy, Play, and 'the pianist's reward': Erik Satie's Piano Albums for Children"
Julianne Lindberg, Musicology
University of California, Los Angeles
"Mirroring Poetic and Musical Structure: A Comparison of Three Settings of James Joyce's 'Strings in the Earth and Air'"
Nicholas Jurkowski, Music Theory
University of California, Santa Barbara
  "Reading, Writing, and Regership: The Musical Prose of Max Reger"
Vincent E. Rone, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
"The Muted Approach: Debussy's composed reading and re-reading of Paul Verlaine's En sourdine"
Pui-lok Wong, Music Theory
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  "Textual, Chordal, and Tintinnabular Analysis of Arvo Pärt's The Beatitudes"
Daniel Huey, Music Theory
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"From Word to Music: A Poem's Journey from Page to Score"
Katherine Saxon, Music Composition
University of California, Santa Barbara
1:00pm Politics and Nationalism Miscellaneous
  "Between the Lines: The Influence of Language in the Creation of Grieg's Songs"
Ryan Weber, Music History/Theory
University of Connecticut
"Music, Memory, and the Multivalence of Subjectivity in Of challenge and of love"
Megan Kaes, Music Theory
Yale University
  "Yevtushenko, Shostakovich, and Criticism in the First and Fourth Movements of Shostakovich's 13th Symphony"
John Hausmann, Musicology
University of Louisville
"Two Texts, Two Facts"
Tyler Cassidy-Heacock, Musicology
Eastman School of Music
  "Screaming Poetry: Text Painting and Transference in Punk Music"
Liz Przybylski, Musicology
Northwestern University
3:00pm Exoticism Arts Synthesis
  "Schumann's Das Paradies Und die Peri as an Example of Dual Exoticism"
Heather Fisher, Musicology
Bowling Green State University
"Poetry and Music in the Spanish Romance, s. XV-XVI"
Vicente Chavarria, Musicology
University of Miami-Frost School of Music
  "Gustav Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde: An Intellectual Journey Across Cultures and Beyond Life and Death"
Sidney Shih-Ni Sun, Historical Musicology
University of Iowa
"Playing Poems, Saying Songs: The adaptation musicale in late nineteenth-century France"
Erin Brooks, Musicology
Washington University, St. Louis
  "Language and the Operatic in Kaija Saariaho's L'amour de loin"
Emily Richmond Pollock, Musicology
University of California, Berkeley
"Synthesizing the Arts: Tennessee Williams's Applications of Richard Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk"
Meghan C. Joyce, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
Keynote Address:
Josh Kun
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
  Sunday, January 17
Continental breakfast and coffee
10:00am Gender Media-shaped Perceptions
  "Engaging Women in Germaine Tailleferre's Six chansons françaises"
Kiri Heel, Musicology
Stanford University
"The Pleyel-Haydn 'Rivalry' of 1792: How a Conflict Concocted by London Newspapers became Music History"
Linda Shaver-Gleason, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
  "A New Rhetoric of Helen of Troy: Saint-Saëns's Post-Wagnerian Reading of a Greek Myth"
Mia Tootill, Musicology
Pennsylvania State University
"'Reading Nature's Book': An Ecocritical Analysis of Debussy's Published Criticism"
Matthew R. Morrow, Musicology
Eastman School of Music
~ 15-minute break ~
11:30am Literature
  "Sense and Solitary: Music in the Novels of Jane Austen"
Elizabeth Sallinger, Music Theory
Duquesne University
"Perceptions of Philip Glass's Operas"
Sasha Metcalf, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
  "Musical Realization of Middle-earth: Tolkien's Culture in Shore's Score"
Matthew Young, Music Theory
University of Texas, Austin
"Musical Discourse at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1908-1956)"
Jonathan Waxman, Historical Musicology
New York University
Lunch and Farewell